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Member Care


Check out these great resources to help you stay strong on the field.

ALONGSIDE Stateside retreats for pastors and global workers

BARNABAS Provides member care on the field

CORNERSTONE COUNSELING located in Chiang Mai, Thailand

DARAJA Coaching, TCK events, and a Bridge semester for young cross-cultural adults (17-24) led by Michael Pollock

GLOBAL COUNSELING NETWORK is an online counseling center that has trained counselors and pastors to help you navigate the joys and challenges of life from anywhere in the world. 

GODSPEED RESOURCES CONNECTION is a team of member care professionals who provide counseling and care for global workers online, in Indonesia, or in South Carolina.

HEARTSTREAM RESOURCES Programs of restoration and renewal for Christian workers

INTERHEALTH WORLDWIDE Counseling services in UK and Kenya

INTERNATIONAL CARE Stateside debriefing and reentry programs 

LINK CARE CENTER Stateside counseling for Christian workers

INTERNATIONAL HEALTH MANAGEMENT offers physical, spiritual and psychological care for workers

MEMBER CARE MEDIA Programs to encourage cross-cultural workers

MINISTRY ESSENTIALS Soul care, mentoring and discipleship serving Christian leaders

MOBILE MEMBER CARE TEAM provides training, counseling, crisis response to workers

NARRAMORE CHRISTIAN FOUNDATION Serves people around the world with crisis counseling, reentry programs for MKs, member care workshops

OLIVE TREE COUNSELING located in Antalya, Turkey

RECALIBRATE! Stateside debriefing and soul care retreat

SENT WELL located in Malaga, Spain

THIRD CULTURE KIDS Resources for students and parents

THRIVE Encouraging and empowering global women

TUMAINI COUNSELLING CENTRE located in Nairobi, Kenya

VELVET ASHES Encouragement for women serving overseas

THE WELL Counseling center in Chiang Mai, Thailand