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Why Soul Care?

Soul care is living and leading from a healthy soul, not an exhausted, worn down, disconnected-from-God soul.

A common response to giving attention to personal soul care often is "I don't have time for extensive solitude and silence. I have too much to do."

"The truth is you don't have time not to practice solitude and silence." 

Dallas Willard continues, "No time is more profitably spent than that used to heighten the quality of an intimate walk with God. If we think otherwise, we have been badly educated. The real question is, will we take time to do what is necessary for an abundant life and an abundant ministry, or will we try to 'get by' without it?”

Resiliency on the mission field is having the strength to carry out the call God has given us. Making time for spiritual renewal fuels resiliency and helps Christian workers stay the course. 

What's the state of your soul right now?