Why Catalyst?

All over the world, right now, there are Christian workers who have left their own culture and country to enter into the world of an entirely different group of people. These international workers from every corner of the Earth are out there, attempting with the means they have, to bring the great news of a loving God to people without hope. 

Many of these Christian workers lack emotional and spiritual support while facing what seems like insurmountable odds on a daily basis.

Many find themselves in positions of continually giving to others, and over time, they find their own spiritual resources have run dry.

Many consider giving up. And yet, they stay because they realize they’re desperately needed right where they are. Because of their dedication, every day, thousands worldwide come to embrace what it means to have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

In 2004, God raised up Catalyst Intl for the single purpose of coming alongside those who are working in really difficult cross-cultural environments to provide encouragement, training, and resources. We count it a great privilege to stand with those on the front lines of global ministry.