JANUARY 30 — FEBRUARY 5, 2024 

Gather with global women 
Reconnect with God's presence 
Create space for your soul

Living cross-culturally has many unique challenges. Cultural barriers, visa issues, political uncertainties, team conflicts, education for kids, physical and mental health concerns, stress on relationships, the never-ending needs of people, and so much more. It wears on one's soul.  

Amidst these realities, we invite you to step away. To take time to breathe and reflect, listen, and experience the sweet healing grace and goodness of God. 

That's why this gathering is called Ava. It comes from the name Eve, meaning "to live and breathe"—and it has been created with you in mind. Our desire is for Ava to offer time and space for you to reconnect with God and renew your soul.

At Ava, we are taking a whole body and spiritual approach to wellness—coming together in a place of great beauty, wonderful food, meaningful worship, and sharing with other like-minded women. You will have time to meet with a counselor each day, unpack your story, and gather around the table with others. We've added an additional day to Ava that is free for you to explore, go to the beach, shop, or enjoy some solitude. We have an amazing team of skilled volunteers that include trained counselors, spiritual directors, life coaches, a medical doctor, and worship leader.  

All this takes place over six nights on the spectacular coast of Southern Spain.



Ava is held at the 4 star TRH Mijas Hotel in the urban center of Mijas, located 25 minutes from the city of Malaga and the coast. Built in the typical Andalusian architecture, it offers fabulous panoramic views to the Mediterranean. Its quaint rooms are for double or single occupancy and have toilets and showers en-suite. There is a pool, wellness spa center, tennis court and solarium terrace. Mijas is a ten minute taxi ride to the beach. The village of Mijas is full of shops, cafes, and beautiful vistas of the coast. Meals are prepared by the excellent hotel staff (three meals a day made by someone else!)

It's a restorative location — safe, peaceful and beautiful!



You've probably been to lots of conferences. We hope this is different. During sunny afternoons, you might wander along the cobblestone streets in historic Mijas soaking in the stunning Mediterranean coast. Or maybe hike one of the trails of the Sierra de Mijas. Or visit a beachside chiringuito for a glass of sangria and tapas. We want you to take time to savor unrushed moments.
Ava is brought to you by the team behind the Breathe Conference in partnership with member care leaders in Malaga, Spain. We'll gather in the morning for worship, meaningful messages, engaging discussions, and time alone to reflect. You'll have the opportunity to meet with a counselor each day to debrief and talk about issues affecting you or your family. Our counseling team has years of experience in member care, pastoral, and global ministry. A medical professional is available to discuss your health concerns. We also have trained life coaches and spiritual directors on our team who will listen and help you discern how God is seeking you.
We've added an additional day to Ava that is free for you to explore, go to the beach, shop, or enjoy some solitude. We are praying this will be a sacred time for you to be renewed by grace. 


Tuesday, January 30—Day 1. Guests arrive. Welcome reception at 5:30 pm followed by dinner, and a brief evening program.

Wednesday, January 31—Day 2. Morning gathering (worship & message). Discussion groups. Afternoon appointments. Evening surprise.

Thursday, February 1—Day 3. Morning gathering (worship & message). Discussion groups. Afternoon appointments.

Friday, February 2—Day 4. The day and evening are free for guests and staff. 

Saturday, February 3—Day 5. Morning gathering (worship & message). Discussion groups. Afternoon appointments. Special evening gathering.

Sunday, February 4—Day 6. Morning gathering (worship & message). Discussion groups. Afternoon appointments. Final worship, communion and sharing.

Monday, February 5—Day 7. Guests depart.




Guests arrive Tuesday, January 30, 2024. Our first gathering is at 5:30 pm. Guests depart Monday, February 5 by 11 am. The main international airport is Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport. From the airport, a taxi or Uber can be taken to the hotel (about 25 minutes). Pending arrival times for guests, we can help coordinate a shared taxi. Guests will take a taxi back to the airport when departing. If you would like to arrive a few days before the conference, it's possible to do so (per night rate applies).


A portion of the cost of the conference has been underwritten by generous donors to Catalyst Intl. Fees for the 6-night conference include lodging, buffet breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee break, counseling/debriefing and medical consultation. Rooms sleep 1 or 2 persons. There are two payments:

1) A deposit of $150 per person paid to Catalyst Intl reserves your spot.

2) The additional conference fee is payable to Catalyst Intl by December 1, 2023.

3) Accommodations available:

Private room for 1 person, 6 nights — Deposit of $150 plus conference fee of $800

Shared room for 2 persons, 6 nights — Deposit of $150 plus conference fee of $600.

Note: Shared accommodations are two single beds that are closer, rather than further apart. If you're with your friend, not a problem. If you prefer more space when sleeping with a new roommate, you may want a single room.

Space is limited. If the conference is full, we will place you on a wait list should a spot become available.



I have nothing but good things to say about the conference as it was done perfectly.  It is evident to me that Ava is something God orchestrated and something that was well thought out and prayed over.— Global worker serving in Guinea 

I came to the conference with so much weight from several years of hard heavy stuff. I was weary and hanging on by a thread. I needed a place to lay it all down. Ava not only let me do that they also invited me on the journey to healing and resting in God’s deep abiding love. — Global worker from Middle East

As a therapist serving global women who are often tired, weary, and feeling alone as they navigate all kinds of grief, loss, and trauma, I am so grateful for the gracious invitation of renewal that Ava offers. What a gift for like-minded woman to experience 5 days of unhurried, grace-filled renewal in a gorgeous setting. Time to rest. To laugh. To cry. To linger over conversations. To saunter along a quiet pathway. To eat food someone else has cooked! To “go out and play.” This is life. This is grace. This is Ava.  — Karen Merry, Counselor, Budapest

I remember thinking to myself, ‘If I knew where to go, I would go. If I could talk to somebody, I would. But I don’t know where to go and I don’t know who I can talk to.’ At the time I was being stretched, pulled, pushed past limits of knowing—of strength. How I would have loved to step out and step into something like Ava. A place to be away! But not just away—a place to be met, just where I was, just how I am. It’s a gift we don’t often receive. It’s a gift Ava gives generously. I hope you will come. You will be met, seen, accepted, and loved.You can trust that. I have—and it made all the difference for how I went forward from there. — Jeanni Shepherd, Counselor, Founder, Ministry Essentials

It was so special to feel loved on, prayed for and encouraged by so many people who were there for us! It was a blessing to not be in charge of anything, to be a participant at such a beautiful event and to feel valued, affirmed and invested in.  — Global worker serving in Macedonia

I go to conferences of one type or another at least once a year and I got more from this conference than any other conference I have attended. — Global worker from N. Africa